Seamlessly integrate crisp, immersive 3D audio into your applications!​​
  1. Collaboration
    Millions of users still struggle with collaboration audio issues, such as clarity, noise, and simultaneous talker comprehension. We can help!
  2. Gaming & Social
    Enhance multi-player gaming and social applications with immersive 3D audio that makes users feel like they are in the action!
  3. Communications
    Many of today's communication apps still lack the crisp, clear quality that user's expect. Our Engage SDKs are designed to address these issues.
Immersive 3D audio for everyday applications...

Immersitech Engage!TM is a unique portfolio of patented audio technologies packaged as Software Development Toolkits (SDKs) focused on providing industry leading virtual 3D (spatial) audio capabilities that:

  • Improve user engagement and comprehension
  • Reduce application user fatigue
  • Deliver natural conversation experiences virtually

Immersitech Engage!TM incorporates BACCH® 3D Sound technology invented by Princeton University.

  • Advanced, patented crosstalk cancellation technology yields vivid and accurate 3D imaging of participant audio to stereo output.
  • BACCH® 3D technology generates the proper psycho-acoustical cues for the listener.
  • Tightly integrated with Immersitech’s proximity and audio management components.

Key service features:
  • Modular architecture for streamlined integration
  • Advanced echo and noise cancellation
  • Full-duplex, synchronized communications
  • Configurable interfaces for real-time refinement
  • Directional, platform enhanced audio
  • Device awareness and automated configuration
Delivers multi-user, virtual conversations to sound as if they are taking place in-person, simulating natural face-to-face meetings.

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Immersitech Engage SDKs leverage common hardware components to simplify usability and reduce costs!